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Bristol Educational Partnership

The Bristol Education Partnership is a collaborative arrangement between four state schools, five independent schools, a sixth form college, two universities and Bristol City Council to improve the outcomes of children and young people in the city.

Inspiring activities are taking place across the partnership to broaden young people’s experience of education, open up new opportunities and overcome disadvantage. A range of teacher networks are also being developed to share best practice.

The partnership priorities are:

Overcoming disadvantage

  • Offering students the chance to work together across schools to improve attainment and social skills

  • Providing higher achieving students with an enhanced learning offer including opportunities to access different subjects

  • Supporting the city-wide objective to raise outcomes for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Raising aspirations

  • Providing students with the knowledge and support to make informed decisions about their education and future career choices

  • Ensuring students explore a wide range of career options and understand the different pathways including GCSE choices, Post 16 and Further Education.

Broadening education

  • Working together to increase the number of students taking part in activities and experiences outside of the usual learning offer

  • Building partnerships with a diverse range of local organisations, ranging from arts, heritage, sport, environment and business, to expand the learning offer.

Inspiring staff

  • Developing cross-school networking opportunities for staff to learn with and from each other

  • Identifying future education leaders and collectively provide opportunities to develop their career and skills