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York Independent State School Partnership

Opportunities for bright students in York. York ISSP is an equal partnership of 13 secondary schools; 9 state schools and 4 independent schools.

The York ISSP was initiated in 2006 when a bid was successful in gaining significant funds from the government’s first scheme for encouraging independent state school partnerships.

York ISSP started a programme of master classes for the most able students across the city of York in the spring of 2008 with the aim of providing academic challenge, through opportunities which schools cannot provide alone. Subsequently, these annual master classes have been a highly-regarded mainstay of the partnership. In addition, activities include twilight training sessions for teachers, conferences for students on leadership and global citizenship, presentations on career aspirations, and competition for entrepreneurs.

The independent schools, in the partnership, provide Latin GCSE to students from the state schools, where it is not on the curriculum. In September 2016 the partnership started a GCSE Astronomy course for those passionate about this subject.

The York ISSP also provides summer schools for Year 7&8 pupils and has run residential courses in the October half term, combining intellectual explorations with outdoor education challenge.

York ISSP aims to:

  • provide the best educational opportunities for able and interested young people in York
  • reach out to all young people with potential regardless of social, economic or educational background
  • provide stimulating professional development for teachers and to update areas of knowledge and understanding
  • promote mutual respect amongst teachers and students across the state and independent sectors
  • develop opportunities for teachers’ career progression, including cross-sector moves where appropriate and desirable
  • foster social cohesion in the City of York
  • encourage links between schools, colleges, universities and other sectors – businesses, museums, heritage sector - for the education and benefit of all members of the community of York

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