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Futures partnership 

The Kingston Academy and Kingston Grammar School have collaborated to form a cross-sector partnership focused on providing high quality inspirational university and careers education events to students in schools and sixth form colleges across the Royal Borough of Kingston. The principal aim of the joint venture is to enable students to make aspirational choices whilst being made aware of the opportunities available to them in competitive career and higher education courses. The Futures initiative aims to deliver twice-termly events (currently on a virtual platform) which can be accessed by anyone in the local community. Students are offered up-to-date careers advice as well as guidance from universities and employers.

The partnership priorities are:

Raising aspirations
- Providing students with the knowledge and support to make informed decisions about their higher education and future career choices
- Ensuring students explore a wide range of career options and understand the different pathways for access to competitive university courses and careers Broadening Access
- Offering free access to twice termly career education / high education events open to any student living in the local area