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Oxbridge Application Support


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Online Russell Group Afternoon 2020


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Latin GCSE


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St Paul's Juniors - Primary Schools’ Football Tournaments


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Impact Statement

Our academic partnerships focus on helping support some of the brightest students from maintained schools. Programmes aim to consolidate and extend students' knowledge and skills but also to challenge and inspire beyond the examination syllabus. Programmes take place at St Paul’s are run by SPS staff and occur after school hours, at the weekend or during the school holidays and include the following:

• The Oxbridge programme reaches out to over 20 state schools providing tuition for Oxbridge interviews across all subjects.
• The Classics department has three outreach GCSE Latin classes. Each class meets once a week for three years culminating in the GCSE at the end of Year 11.
• Three Science outreach programmes. The Chemistry course is for Year 11 students from local schools and runs on four Saturday mornings. Material Science ran for two weeks for year 12 students and Biology ran for three weeks.
• An six-day Music composition course runs in partnership with the Royal College of Music for young musicians from our partner schools.
• St Paul’s Medical and Science Conferences are now annual events and are attended by over 150 outreach students.
• SPS pupils were trained in Philosophy4Children. The boys who were trained have since gone on to deliver Philosophy sessions at the School’s Year 4 Summer School for non-Pauline students from the area and also at local primary schools.
• Model United Nations is a student debating activity, which follows the format of a United Nations assembly. Delegations take the role of individual countries, and work together in committees to debate and resolve a range of different topics.
• Introductory session for all medics, an overview of the application process, with guidance on how to prepare for interview, an introduction to medical ethics and the main issues facing the NHS.
• Economics Trading Day simulation and lectures series for over 50 partner school students
Whilst we don’t have formal quantitative data on the attainment impact of these events, the qualitative feedback from participating students and teachers is very positive.

For example, we received this feedback from the Head of Economics at a partner School about the Economics Trading Day: “A fantastic experience for my students that helped to broaden their understanding of markets and gives them real life application for what we are studying in class” and this about our university preparation from Y13 teacher at a partner school: ‘I Just wanted to email to say a huge thank you to you and the teachers who helped [our students] with their practise interviews. [One] has been offered a place to read History at St Catherine's…’


St Paul’s School takes great pride in offering an outstanding education to talented boys, irrespective of their family’s financial circumstances. Each year there are funds available for free and subsidised places at all entry points for families with a household income less than £120k per annum.

Bursaries are awarded on the basis of a means-test form which requests full details of income and capital resources.
Our bursary team assesses the merits of each individual application and offers financial support as appropriate.

Bursaries are means-tested each year and may change as a family’s financial situation improves or deteriorates.

Any applicant wishing to apply for fee assistance should indicate so on their registration form. Bursary application forms will be sent out by the Finance team.

For 13+ entry to the Senior School, applications should be made in the June in the year prior to entry, i.e. one year
and three months before your son would start at the school.

For 16+ entry, applications should be made in the December prior to entry, i.e nine months before your son would start at the school.

The examples below illustrate the types of families who could benefit from our bursary scheme.

• Both parents employed with low incomes. Living in modest home with mortgage. One child receiving 90% fee remission.
• One parent with moderate income. Living in rented accommodation. Two children receiving 70% fee remission.
• Both parents self-employed on low income. Living in rented accommodation. One child receiving 100% fee remission.
• Parents both working in moderately paid employment. Modest home with mortgage. One child receiving 20%
fee remission.

The parents of any successful candidate for either school may apply for a bursary.

For more information about the bursary application process, please contact our Admissions team at


Academic Scholarships

St Paul’s Juniors Academic Scholarships at 11+
Academic Scholarships, worth £60 per annum, are awarded to a few exceptional internal and external candidates at age 11+. The award is valid until the end of a pupil’s career at St Paul’s, subject to good work and conduct.

St Paul’s School Academic Scholarships at 13+
For external candidates entering at 13+, the scholarship examination is held annually in May. This exam is sat instead of Common Entrance.

Candidates must have successfully completed the 13+ admission process and have been made a conditional Main List offer. Candidates must also be under 14 on 1 September following the examination, and should be registered and entered for the examination by their Head Teacher.

Candidates who do not win an award will have their conditional place confirmed on the basis of their Scholarship papers.

Candidates who do not win an award will have their conditional place confirmed on the basis of their Scholarship papers.

Compulsory papers are set in English, French, Geography, History, Latin, Mathematics, Science and Theology & Philosophy. There is an optional paper in Greek and candidates are encouraged to sit it if they have reached a reasonable standard.

For boys at St Paul’s Juniors, scholarships are awarded at the end of Y8 based on performance over the previous two years and in the Y7 & Y8 end-of-year exams.

About 30 Scholarships are awarded each year in total to boys from St Paul’s Juniors and external candidates. All Academic Scholarships are honorary and worth £60. They are retained until the end of a pupil’s career at St Paul’s, subject to good work and conduct.

A small number of additional Academic Scholarships are awarded at the end of Y10 based on performance throughout the year, including end-of-year examinations.

Senior Academic Scholarships at 17+
Senior Scholarships worth £60 per annum are awarded for the final year (the Upper Eighth) on the basis of work throughout the Lower Eighth year, including end-of-year examinations. All boys are automatically considered for these awards. No new Academic Scholarships are awarded at 16+.

For information on Academic Scholarships please contact

Music Scholarships

Music Scholarships at 11+
Once an offer of a place has been accepted for 11+ entry, suitable boys are invited to apply for a Music Scholarship. Potential candidates should have reached at least Grade 5 on their principal instrument and will be required to perform,
sight-read, respond to aural tests and answer general questions relating to their music making.

Each Scholarship is honorary, worth £60 per annum plus free tuition on two instruments.

Exhibitions are also available and consist of free tuition on one instrument only. 

Music Scholarships and Exhibitions at 13+
Once an offer of a place has been accepted for 13+ entry, suitable boys are invited to apply for a Music Award. A number of Music Scholarships and Exhibitions at 13+ are awarded each year. The closing date for entries is mid-
January and shortlisted candidates will be invited to audition, usually very late in January or early in February prior to entry.

Each candidate will be required to perform, sight-read, respond to aural tests, complete a 20 minute written paper and answer general questions relating to their music making.

We expect candidates to have attained at least Grade 6 standard on their principal study, though not necessarily to have taken exams.

Each Scholarship is honorary, worth £60 per annum, plus free tuition on two instruments. Exhibitions consist of free tuition on one instrument. Awards at 13+ are retained for three years and are reviewed for the final two years of school.

Further Awards are available at 16+.

For more details on the examination and entry standards, or to book into the Music department 13+ Open Morning in November, please contact Karenne Mills, Music School Manager, on

Art Scholarships

South Square Art Scholarships 16+
These Scholarships are available as a result of a generous benefaction and are prestigious. The actual value of the scholarship is dependent on the number of scholarships awarded at any time but is usually a substantial amount.

The trustees offer awards to pupils studying AS and A2 Art in the Eighth Form (Years 12 & 13), and a declared intention to continue studying Art after leaving school will strengthen a candidate’s application.

Application (Art Scholarships 16+):
Candidates for both scholarships and prizes must present a portfolio of work to the Director of Art by 15 April in the school year before they hope to win the award. A shortlist will then be called for interview by Professor William Callaway from the University of the Arts at the end of April.

For further information on Art Scholarships and Prizes contact Michael Grant, Director of Art, on



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