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Guildford 11-19 Partnership

The Guildford 11-19 Partnership consists of twelve educational establishments in the Guildford Area who are committed to collaboration around the provision of secondary education for the children and young people of the borough.

The vision of the Partnership is to increase and widen participation, offer a coherency of provision across all settings, raise both the achievement and attainment of our students and ensure that all learners have equal opportunities to progress to further learning or skilled employment.


  • To raise standards through a continually improving curriculum offer, which seeks to meet students' individual needs;
  • To provide a coherent curriculum that widens opportunities and enables progress and continuity across all phases of secondary education;
  • To increase efficiency through the sharing of resources;
  • To provide a supportive and developmental network for school leaders, so that they can engage with each other for the benefit of both students and staff alike.