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OX14 Learning Partnership

OX14 comprises a group of six state and independent schools working in partnership to raise educational aspirations across the OX14 post code by providing opportunities for students and staff to be challenged, inspired and learn from each other. Radley College, Abingdon School, Fitzharrys, John Mason, Larkmead and St Helen and St Katharine have formed this partnership to create sustainable, impactful and mutually beneficial opportunities for staff and students across Abingdon.

The 6 schools are geographically very close and have formed close relationships over the last 5 years. It was felt that now was the time to formalise much of the partnership programme across the town.

Each school has committed to a Memorandum of Understanding and includes the core aims:

INSPIRE: To provide opportunities for aspiration and challenge though widening horizons for all stakeholders.
CHALLENGE: Use extra-curricular activities to develop character, promote cultural engagement and support civic pride.
SUPPORT: Support the mental health and wellbeing of students, staff and parents using a whole partnership approach.

A student voice committee will also play a large part in the development of the partnership, not only in the planning and running of events but also as an opportunity for students to have their views heard and collaborate with others.

Core aims of the Partnership are to raise educational aspirations across the OX14 postcode by providing opportunities for students and staff to be challenged, inspired and learn from each other. A range of extracurricular activities and events will encourage collaboration between the schools as well as providing opportunities for widening horizons.

The Partnership will look to work alongside local organisations such as The Oxfordshire Academy of Broadcast journalism which will run media workshops. Workshops and guest speakers in a variety of areas will allow students to experience a wide range of topics. Plans are also being made for opportunities in sport, music, languages and the Arts as well as teacher networks and CPD opportunities for staff and Higher Education support for students.

Mental Health and wellbeing will be at the heart of the partnership with workshops, speakers and events to support the whole community. Plans for a supportive youth space are also being explored. At a time when young people and teachers have been isolated, overwhelmed and experienced great challenges, a partnership with clear aims and commitments can achieve a real sense of belonging, sustainability and civic pride.

Our People Steering Group: The School leaders from each school and trust form the Steering Group. They will make strategic decisions and have oversight of partnership priorities and impact reporting.

Partnership Champions: Each school has chosen a member of staff within their school to become the Partnership Champion. They will be the main point of contact for partnership activities and planning and form the Operations Group.

Student Voice Committee: This group is made up of student representatives from each school. Students will discuss topical issues and plan partnership activities and events.

Partnership Coordinator: The Partnership Coordinator acts as a central point for communication and planning across the partnership. She helps facilitate and promote events. For more see here.