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East Surrey Learning Partnership


The East Surrey Learning Partnership is a partnership of schools in the Merstham and Caterham area who work together to support excellent outcomes and ambition for pupils in local primary and secondary schools and builds on many of the partnership initiatives that have evolved in the area over recent years. Activities
1. Curriculum support and enrichment
2. Supporting access to competitive HE destinations and post 18 information
3. Staff Development and Training
4. Coaching
5. Access to Facilities
6. Governance opportunities

There is a regular programme of activity in all these areas overseen by a management group made up of representatives from all the participating schools.


  • The ESLP is currently providing CPD opportunities for the staff of participating schools in ‘Coaching’, ‘Memory and Feedback’ and ‘Coding in the Classroom’.
  • During the Covid Pandemic the ESLP has engaged Year 6 pupils with high prior attainment in Maths in a ‘higher order thinking’ tutoring scheme. Discussion around narrative and language has been developed using a pre - recorded podcast.
  • The ESLP is contributing to the support of learning in lockdown, having sourced over 50 laptops to help bridge the digital divide.