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Sharing Online Teaching Resources: PSHE and History

We offered out PSHE and History teaching resources to local schools online, focusing on wellbeing and academic stretch and challenge at A level.

These were answering a particular demand in the summer term 2020, when teaching moved online and schools were looking for quality teaching materials for their pupils learning at home.


- To share high quality PSHE and History resources with local state schools, during lockdown in June 2020.

- Local schools were actively looking for high quality materials to support their student's wellbeing and also to offer stretch and challenge. 

- The immediate beneficiaries were students of local schools, and indirectly their teachers would also have benefitted from these resources for future adaptation and use in the classroom.


- We called out to local schools to see if they wanted any particular online content.

- Deputy Head Co-curricular and Outreach collaborated with local Deputy Heads

- The project started in June 2020


- Online resources and teacher time (Putney High School staff)

- Our staff produced the resources during the summer term 2020

- There is no financial contribution, beyond staff hours


- We have received positive feedback from Arc Academy Putney regarding the resources

Pupil Involvement

- State school pupils - KS3 (PSHE resources) and KS5 (History Resources)


- Ongoing links now established, and building into a new project, sharing talks from academics with our local partner schools