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The Southwark Schools’ Learning Partnership (SSLP)

The Southwark Schools’ Learning Partnership (SSLP) is a unique collaboration between local schools based in, and around, the London Borough of Southwark.

The partnership comprises both independent and maintained schools. The schools have a common desire to provide academic and vocational opportunities both for students and for teachers, where each can learn with and from their peers.

Southwark Schools’ Learning Partnership aims:

  • Connecting Schools

The SSLP welcomes schools with an ambition to work in partnership to the benefit of all their students and teachers. Our schools commit to sharing ideas, resources and facilities and to learning from each other as equal partners.

  • Connecting Teachers

The SSLP enables teachers to transmit their passion for their specialist subjects, to exchange views about educational issues, to undertake professional development training and to share good practice.

  • Connecting Students

The SSLP offers a programme of activities that aims to nurture the aspirations of every student. By harnessing the student voice, the partnership offers young people a chance to develop their aptitudes for leadership and teamwork and to hone their communication skills.