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The Cheltenham Education Partnership

The Cheltenham Education Partnership (CEP) is an equal partnership of secondary schools (from both the maintained and Independent sectors) and local organisations and charities.

The values of the Partnership are collaboration and co-operation. The driving ambition of the Partnership is to expand the horizons of young people in Cheltenham and to help them realise their full potential.

The Aims of CEP

  • Ensure the best interests of young people are at the heart of education initiatives in Cheltenham.
  • Provide outstanding educational opportunities for young people in Cheltenham.
  • Reach out to all young people with potential regardless of social, economic or educational background.
  • Provide stimulating professional development for teachers and update areas of knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes.
  • Promote mutual respect amongst education professionals and students across the state and independent sectors;
  • Foster social cohesion in Cheltenham;
  • Encourage links between schools, colleges, universities and other sectors such as the Cheltenham Festivals, Cheltenham Christian Arts Festival, The Cheltenham Trust and GCHQ for the education and benefit of all members of the community of Cheltenham

The Objectives of CEP

The Partnership is an enabler organisation: that is, it will seek to encourage and support new initiatives within the agreed aims. It will develop and maintain:

  • An annual programme of events for students from partner schools.
  • A culture of expectation in partner organisations of co-operation: that, for the benefit of young people in Cheltenham, local educational initiatives should be shared, that action should be collaborative, and that decision-making in individual schools will foreground the Partnership’s aims.
  • Opportunities for professional development for education professionals in partner schools, within the scope of partnership activities.
  • Openness to find new partners outside the educational sectors.
  • Funding from appropriate sources.