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Laptops for Learning community initiative

As a member of the Cheltenham Education Partnership (CEP), CLC is one of a number of schools in the town which donated funds and equipment to support the town's pupils with online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. 


Launched on 3rd February 2021, the ‘#LaptopsForLearning’ campaign is supported by Cheltenham Council's 'No Child Left Behind' initiative, Cheltenham Education Partnership (CEP), IT Schools Africa, and other local organisations.

The scheme aims to support all schools in the town by providing children with additional laptops, tablets or ipads for their home learning. Estimates at the start of the campaign indicated that local schools needed in the region of 500 laptops.


The CEP schools were approached for support in donating used IT equipment and fundraising and acting as hubs for donations. 

The campaign has been established since February 2021. 


To date, 129 devices have been donated and distributed among three local schools and £32,700 raised to continue the project.