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Science Festival Change Makers Project

As part of the CEP programme, 2 members from each school are meeting monthly to plan a presentation at this year's Science Festival on June 5th World Environment Day. The project is run by Elspeth Kenny from the Cheltenham Science Festival.


The aim is to raise awareness of Climate Change and Sustainability in our schools and town, and to empower the voices of our school pupils. This project requires the energy of the organiser, the enthusiasm and commitment of the pupils and the support of each school's CEP staff champion.


The project was suggested by Elspeth Kenny from the Science Festival as a possible activity for CEP's first year programme. The CEP Operations Group immediately agreed that this was a great idea, of which David Evans at Dean Close is the current Chair. It began in September 2019 and runs for the whole academic year.


Various schools host the monthly meetings and a member of staff from each school accompanies their pupils. This is for 2 hours every month.


The leader of our Environment group has attended nearly every meeting and this has given her encouragement in encouraging Dean Close pupils and staff to be more responsible in their actions.

Pupil Involvement

Dean Close has 2 Sixth Form pupils, as do all the other 8 schools. It was felt important to have 1 girl and 1 boy from the co-educational schools, so Dean Close has sent them.


The meetings happen every month and the intention is for these to continue with new pupils from each CEP school next academic year to build momentum.