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A series of podcasts recorded for CEP at All Saints' Academy, including one with Dean Close pupils interviewing the new Climate Change officers at Cheltenham Borough Council.


This was one of a series of podcasts on topics of interest to secondary pupils. It was deemed by the Cheltenham Education Partnership to be a worthwhile activity, supported by pupil reaction to a survey.


All Saints' Academy offered both the recording facilities and teacher oversight for the CEP project which was started after Easter 2021.


Two pupil interviewers from each school in CEP were requested; the two Dean Close pupils were taken by a member of staff.


Pupil reaction to the podcast series will be assessed by a survey. The interviewers were also asked to complete feedback forms.

Pupil Involvement

Each podcast interview had two pupils each from two CEP schools. The age varied from Year 8 to Year 13 pupils.


The podcasts took place 5 or 6 times and will be ongoing.