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Theatre in Education tour

The Theatre in Education Tour offers our Year 10 girls the opportunity to create a piece of theatre for primary school children aimed mostly at Years 5 and 6. The work is usually based upon a style of a specific writer and is 20 to 25 minutes in length and uses Physical Theatre as a style of performance. The girls perform the plays and then undertake workshops to teach specific performance skills. 


An opportunity for the girls to:  a) Create drama for a specific audience b) to use new techniques and styles of performance c) to think on their feet.

Time: the girls must ensure that the project is ready for its audience on a specific date

Both our girls and the pupils in local schools. 


 Comments from pupils.

“I loved every single bit of it.”  

“Drama is the best.”  

“It was Awesome.”  

“Funny, lovely and exhilarating.”   

“I enjoyed working with the girls from Shrewsbury High School because they were inspiring.”  

“I didn’t like it, I Loved it.”     

“I loved being a part of it.”   

“I learnt how to improve my drama skills.”  

“I didn’t know how well I could act.”           

“It taught me to be a bit more confident.”   

“The best thing I have done all year.”          

“I didn’t want it to end”         

“It taught me to be less afraid in front of a large audience.”

“I didn’t think I could do it but I did!”    

“I gained more confidence performing in front people”      

“I really loved Millie’s Marvellous Adventures.”                 

Comment from teachers:

“A really rewarding experience for the children of St George’s Junior. Great to see so many children engaged and loving drama. Thank you.”

Pupil Involvement

Year 10 pupils from SHS working with primary aged pupils in year 5 and 6 of both genders.

The tour also goes to St Georges Primary school and to the Shrewsbury High School Prep School with the tour.


Annual event.