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L6 students from Oxted and Warlinngham schools have joined Caterham students in the Wright Society for weekly meetings and on going support for medical applications.

The students benefit from each other as crunch points in the application process come through out the year.  The programme involves advice from experienced staff, medics and U6 students, and provides a framework for reading, work experience and aptitude test practice.  I n the U6 the society draws on the Cateham Community for a range of interviewers to provide all important interview parctice.


To work in partnership to improve the quality of medical applications for local students.

To facilitate good career decisions for local students who are interested in the medical profession.


The Wright society programme is resourced and organised at Caterham. Oxted and Warlingham have identified students and provided transport for them every week.  Live sessions (often with practical activities) have been an important feature in creating a group mentality with engagement and progress.


Alongside the 12 Caterham students the Wright society has 2 students from Oxted and 5 from Warlingham.