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Art Teacher Hub

Through the ESLP and beyond, art and DT leads from Caterham and surrounding Priamry Schools met to share ideas and discuss challenges.  The inaugural meeting was hosted at Caterham School Art department and focussed on the use if iPads and electronic art lessons.  This is in preparation for our ‘Resource Library’ that will enable local primary schools to borrow sets of iPads from September 2022.


To create a ‘hub’ for local art and DT leads for support and development.

To identify areas for resourcing (via the ESLP resource library) and training, and provide a framework to deliver these.


The Art Hub is a pilot (along with Outdoor Learning) of a model for subject specific cooperation and partnership - born from discussions within the ESLP.  The inaugural meeting was held in May 2022.


The first session was hosted by the Caterham School head of Art in the Caterham Art Department.  The session was based on the use of iPads supported by Caterham IT support.



The first session was attended by 12 teachers from 7 local schools.  Attendees included Curriculum, DT, Tech, and Art leads.

Art lead St John’s - Thank you for hosting the Art Hub. It was a very informative and a wonderful learning experience. St John's would be very keen on using the ipads at some stage for the children to experiment and have art lessons using them. I think it will allow all children, especially those that are less confident in their creative skills, to be creative and feel a sense of success in their achievement. The 'undo button' will allow them to gain confidence as any mistake can so easily be corrected