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Bristol Penguins Swimming Club

Support Bristol based swim club through discounted pool hire and comprehensive access to facilities, including mornings, evenings and weekends.

Working together to provide a program of swimming to non swimmers in Bristol Schools, through provision of free pool hire to the club.

Penguins provide coaching for Badminton girls in exchange for free pool use. 


Badminton pupils have access to high quality swim teaching provided by coaches from the club.

Bristol Penguins welcome over 250 swimmers a week to use School facilities.

An urgent need to provide lessons to non swimmers has been identified, with the School and club working together to create a cost effective programme that will meet this need.  


Initially Bristol Penguins provide some volunteer coaching for the girls.

This has grown to access across 5 days a week.

With a background in Leisure the Operation Manager worked with the swim club to identify how best we could meet community and school needs.


The School swimming pool is well maintained by its in house Estates team


The partnership commenced in 2018 and continues to flourish.

It is anticipated further pool time will be provided in the future.