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St Ursula's Infant School Reading Scheme

A group of Sixth Form students from Redmaids' High School are volunteering weekly to support 5-7 year-old boys and girls from nearby St Ursula's E-ACT Primary Academy in their reading.


The scheme is designed to help struggling readers improve at Key Stage 1.

Redmaids' High Sixth Formers received training by St Ursula's staff so that they can properly support infants with sounding out letters and words. 


The partnership was established on request of St Ursula's who contacted Redmaids' High. The scheme began in the autumn of 2019.


Redmaids' High students walk to St Ursula's for the 1.5 hour-long sessions. These are specially arranged to take place during free periods of their own timetables. St Ursula's staff accompany the girls at all times on school premises. There is no financial cost, instead the scheme is considered part of Redmaids' High Sixth Form voluntary/community service activity.


Feedback to date from both St Ursula's and Redmaids' High is that this is a positive scheme and both parties look forward to the weekly sessions.

Pupil Involvement

12 Lower Sixth (Year 12) Redmaids' High students are involved in the scheme.


The scheme will continue until the end of the summer term 2020 when it will be reviewed for possible future extention.