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Women and Careers in Medicine

Redmaids' High hosted a conference with keynote speakers from the worlds of trauma medicine and Birmingham University's Virtual Reality development team, who are integrating VR with reality to help train medics and improve the lives of patients.

There were practical, interactive workshops led by teams of professionals from the worlds of dentistry, midwifery, paramedicine, physiotherapy and more.

More than 250 students had the opportunity to learn about different fields of medicine and try out some of the current technology and operating techniques.



Promote the opportunities that lie within the field of medicine to girls and raise their aspirations as they engage with the professionals to discover these careers are obtainable and fulfilling.


The Red Maids' School started a conference series in 2009 to celebrate 375 years since the founding of the school. It has provided an opportunity for students and staff to come together from across the region to learn alongside each other and exchange ideas.


A bienniel event, alternating with a STEM-themed conference