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Weekly Swimming Lessons for Primary School Students

Woldingham School offers complimentary use of our swimming pool to Woodlea Primary School for their weekly swimming lessons on a Thursday 11am - 12 noon during term time.


Woldingham School supports our local primary school by offering our swimming facility so that their students can learn to swim.  The facility is offered at no cost to Woodlea.  Woodlea students benefit from use of our facility which is within their local community.


Woodlea and Woldingham have had a long term partnership dating back several years.  Woldingham has always offered complimentary use of the pool to Woodlea because Woodlea is our local primary school.


The swimming pool facility because Woodlea do not have their own pool.  They have exclusive use of the swimming pool and changing rooms.  They provide their own teaching staff for the hour long swimming lessons once a week.  There is no financial contribution from Woodlea for the hire of the facility.


There is no official assessment of the partnership however we have a good working relationship.  The contract is renewed annually.

Pupil Involvement

The pupils involved are from the state sector.  They are aged 7-11 years old, boys and girls.


Weekly on a Thursday 11-12 noon during term time.