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Science Enrichment Morning

Woldingham School's STEM Society had the idea of inspiring younger generations into STEM related careers by inviting 60 Year 2 students to a Science enrichment morning.  The pupils at St Francis have less science funding and therefore resources and it is hoped that by sharing Woldingham's resources and some exciting and informative science they may be inspired into future careers in STEM.


The lack of resources for maintained schools, especially primary schools prompted Woldingham's STEM Society to offer the Science enrichment morning to inspire and motivate St Francis' students.


This is the second annual enrichment event.


Three laboratories, apparatus and chemicals will be used by Woldingham's Science staff and pupils from the STEM Society to entertain 60 primary pupils for approximately 3 hours.  Woldingham School will provide coaches to collect and return the pupils.


Qualitative assessment will be undertaken after the event through feedback from St Francis' staff and pupils.

Pupil Involvement

60 Year 2 pupils joined Woldingham's Sixth Form students.


It is hoped that this will be an annual event.