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Student Leadership Conference

In June 2017 Woldingham School will host the first of what is hoped will become an annual Year 7 and Year 8 debate afternoon between four schools (Beechwood Sacred Heart School, Sacred Heart Catholic School, Sacred Heart High School and Woldingham School).


This project aims to give students the opportunity to debate against students across the Sacred Heart England Network and it is hoped that holding the event at Woldingham will provide an aspirational element for the students from the other schools.  It is hoped that the event will be an enoyable afternoon that provides students with a fun debating experience that they will want to continue with as they move through the schools.


Woldingham School has a successful and long running practice of debate.  Other schools in the Network, as part of their goal on Intellectual Values, have introduced debating clubs.  The interschool debate is a fun way of introducing the schools to a competitive debate.


Staff at Woldingham School will host and run the event and assist in preparing the students.


The impact and outcome of the event will be measured through feedback from the schools involved.