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Reading with Local Primary School

Students from Woldingham School's Sixth Form visit St Francis' Catholic School and Woodlea Primary School to listen to their students read on a weekly basis in the Autumn and Spring terms. The students of from the Primary School improve their reading skills and the Sixth Form students benefit from working in the local community using their skill set to help to motivate and inspire younger students to be more confident in their ability.


To collaborate with the primary school and assist in helping their students to improve their reading skills.


The project was introduced by the Deputy Head in 2013 and is continued today by Woldingham School's Chaplain. This outreach project fosters a partnership with the local community and helps primary students to improve their reading. The students from Woldingham benefit from working with a different age group.


Woldingham School provides the transport and members of teaching and non-teaching staff, and parents volunteer to take the students to the Primary School.


The Primary School's students improve their reading skills and Woldingham's students benefit from working with the local community using their skillset to help motivate and inspire the younger pupils to have confidence in their own ability.

Pupil Involvement

Both Primary Schools areĀ  mixed local authority school with approximately 200 students. The Sixth Form students are from 16-18 years of age and are female.


This programme is an ongoing weekly event during term time in the Autum and Spring terms.