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Student Leadership Conference

Woldingham School will host a student leader’s conference. The two day conference will include workshops, discussion and reflection on the qualities of leadership. This is organised by the Sacred Heart senior schools for the newly elected student leaders (Head girl/boy and Deputies) of each of the partner schools.


The project aims to give student leaders from the network of Sacred Heart schools the opportunity to come together to learn and discuss ideas about leadership that relate to their leadership role. An underlying aim in hosting the event at Woldingham is to provide an aspirational element for students from other schools. An enjoyable two days that reflects on the qualities of leadership within a Sacred Heart school and each student to be given time to reflect on their leadership style.


The first of the leadership conferences was held at Digby College, Roehampton University and was for one day. Whilst beneficial it was felt that a slightly longer conference would allow for greater scope. The move to two days hosted at Woldingham came at the request of staff at the Sacred Heart School Fenham who felt that spending time in Woldingham would provide a greater level of confidence and aspiration for their own student leaders. The conference is now in its third year and Woldingham has become the host school for this event.


Critical to success is the availability of spaces within school to host. We have been able to make use of the boarding areas within school to host students and visiting staff. It uses the school Chapel and meeting rooms. It involves 3 members of staff at least, both teaching and non-teaching. The members of staff will be involved for the duration and in the setting up. Financial contribution is made through the costs relating to the Sacred Heart Network. This comes out of the Sacred Heart Budget. The school does not charge the Network of Schools for hosting the event.


Feedback was very positive with students keeping in contact with each other.

Pupil Involvement

5 girls from Upper Sixth form at Woldingham School and 15 students of mixed gender were involved from the partner schools.


This event takes place annually and lasts for 2 days each time.