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Developing a strategy for the role of Chaplaincy

Woldingham School's Chaplain is working with the Headteacher of St Mary's Catholic High School following their recent Ofsted/Section 48 Inspection to develop a strategy for the role of Chaplaincy within the school and to promote its future development.


This partnership aims to promote good practice in Catholic education, promoting attainment, and developing collective worship and personal development of the pupils helping them to achieve and progress.


St Mary's Headteacher has put a group together to develop Chaplaincy in the school which will support and develop strategy to help with pupil progress and attainment.


This project will initially happen in the school although there will be scope for Woldingham staff to involve themselves in working closely with other departments at St Mary's.


It is hoped this partnership will assist St Mary's in preparation for their next Section 48 Inspection which will look at the quality of teaching of RE, the quality of collective workship, pupils' learning in RE, the monitoring and evaluation of RE and implementing improvement of outcomes for pupils.

Pupil Involvement

St Mary's is a mixed 11-16 maintained school.


This programme will be ongoing with four meetings per year and it will continue to ensure that the school provides quality of teaching, learning and assessment.