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Higher Sports Leaders Award - Working with elderly people.

Students to complete a minimum of 10 voluntary hours working with people aged 50+. We have chosen to complete our hours working with people in residential care at Oakleigh Care Home in Godstone who do not have easy access to physical activity sessions.

Anchor's Oakleigh in Godstone is a trusted provider of residential care for elderly people, who offer specialised services for elderly people who have dementia.


For our student to complete her 10 hours voluntary hours working with people aged 50+ for her sports leaders qualification. Success criteria - for her to confidently deliver physical activity sessions to the residents of the care home.


*The residents in the care home taking part.

*The student


The opportunity was created by our PE teacher for Higher Sports leaders students to complete their voluntary hours.


Transport to and from the care home. We travel to their facilities and take music speakers with us.


For the student to run good competent sessions for the residents of the care home.

Pupil Involvement

1 girl from year 12 at Woldingham School and 12 residents aged 50+ were involved.


This activity is ongoing once a week for one hour each time until 10 hours have been completed.