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Stephen Hawking Society Lecture Series

Professor Hawking attended St Albans School from 1952 until 1959, he gave the School permission to use his name for our science society and that legacy lives on. The Stephen Hawking society hosts a number of very distinguished scientists each year to give lectures on a wide range of science-related topics.


The aim of the society is to broaden the range of science and engineering taught within the School, from the curricular to the less ordinary, with a view to increasing interest in the sciences and encouraging students to go on to read these subjects at university.

The lectures are aimed at a Sixth Form audience but may also be attended by Fifth Form (Year 11) students. All students in the Sixth Form who take at least one Science A Level or Maths are members of the society.



The society has been running for 15 years and invites Sixth Form Scientists from around the county to attend the lecture series. 

We have been fortunate enough to attract speakers such as Nobel Prize Winner Tim Hunt, Sir Michael Berry, and Professor Stephen Hawking, a former pupil of the School. Speakers have given talks on topics as diverse as ‘Chocology: The Science of Molecular Gastronomy’, ‘Nano-technology’ and ‘The Physics of Skydiving’.

With talks taking place over Microsoft Teams for the foreseeable future, this has been an excellent opportunity to invite some international leaders in research to talk at the society.



The society is run by one of our science teachers and the School funds the costs of any lecture expenses and subsidises the Hawking dinner which is an annual event. 


Pupil Involvement

Sixth Form Students from local state and independent schools have regularly attended the lectures in the past. This year as the lectures are taking place remotely, we have had up to 100 external students from schools across Hertfordshire in attendance as well as over 100 of our own pupils.


The lectures are on Thursdays after school and 4-6 Lectures take place annually.