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St Albans School Partnership with local Primary and Infant Schools

In addition to the 20 plus Lower Sixth (Year 12) students who assist in the delivery of master classes run by St Albans School teaching staff on Friday afternoons, around 50 students also travel to local schools where they assist with a variety of tasks in the classroom and on the sports field. 


The aim of the Partnership is for the Sixth Form (Year 12) students to provide support to the pupils and teachers in Primary and Infant Schools in the local community. Participation in this volunteering work also enables the students to develop soft-skills highlighted as vital by future employers, such as responsibility, communication, team work, and organisation. They are taught to embrace the School motto Non nobis nati ("Born not for ourselves").

The placements are organised by the Head of Partnership and assistant who monitor the students on a weekly basis.

The schools currently visited by St Albans School pupils are Abbey Primary, St Peter’s, Prae Wood, St Michael’s, Bernard’s Heath, Redbourn School, Alban City, Aboyne, Cunningham Hill, St John Fisher, Maple School, Beech Hyde School, Killigrew Primary and also Cathedral Education. 


Having started with one school about 15 years ago, the Partnership has progressively grown and now includes 17 local schools as well as Cathedral Education. Additional schools have been contacted by Head of Partnership, and they have unfailingly welcomed the assistance of the students in their classrooms.


The scheme would not work without the maturity and willingness of the Sixth Form students who sign up to participate in Partnership on Friday afternoons. Organisation and monitoring of the placements is also key its success. This is coordinated by Head of Partnership and other members of the St Albans teaching staff.

The students either walk to their Partnership School or are transported there by taxi or minibus, funded by St Albans School.


Positive feedback is regularly received from the teachers at the various Partnership Schools on the valuable contribution made by the students; the extra pair of hands provided are highly valued and the children love the role models. The classroom teachers complete forms on each of the participating students reporting on the activities they have undertaken, their ability to interact with the children and staff, and their capacity to show initiative. This feedback is used to write reports on the students twice a year. Our Sixth Form pupils also complete an annual survey giving feedback about their experiences.

Pupil Involvement

50+ Lower Sixth (Year 12) male and female students.


The students visit their Partnership School every Friday afternoon during term time, excluding study leave during examination periods.

The project is ongoing.