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St Albans School & Marlborough Science Academy Combined Cadet Force Partnership

This is a partnership between St Albans School CCF and the Marlborough Science Academy, which involves the training of Year 9 to 11 Cadets from both Schools. In addition, staff from Marlborough are trained as Officers.



The Aim of the partnership is to train both the Cadets and Officers from Marlborough Science Academy, with a view to Marlborough setting up their own CCF in due course.


The Partnership is a part of the Cadet movement’s drive to open and involve state schools in CCF activities. The idea has been around for some years now but has only been fully implemented in the past 3 years with up to 100 partnerships over the country. This link was identified by the Contingent Commander of St Albans School, who has been keen to pursue this type of project for several years.




The Partnership involves all the CCF Officers from St Albans School, including the OC, the SSI and various members of teaching staff. The pupils from Marlborough Science Academy are accompanied by two nominated adults. The scheme is run at St Albans School where all the CCF resources are put at the disposal of the project. The Marlborough pupils are fully integrated with the Cadets from St Albans School in all the activities.

There is a financial implication paid by Marlborough to the MOD. All other resources come from St Albans school.


The Activity takes place weekly for a two hour period on Friday afternoons.  Assessment of the success of the project is ongoing. The Marlborough pupils are committed and have all attended on a regular basis and taken a full part in all the activities, and when asked for feedback they were all very positive. The same can be said of the St Albans Cadets who have enjoyed the link as much as the Marlborough students.

Pupil Involvement


15 Year 9 to 11 pupils from Marlborough Academy have been taking part, 10 girls and 5 boys. The aim is to increase the number of Cadets from each year before setting up Marlborough Academy’s own CCF: an additional 15 from Year 9 will be joining this year. St Albans CCF is one of the oldest Cadet units in the country and has 200 cadets on strength. The Year 9 and 10 Cadets have been working closely with the pupils from Marlborough Academy. Sixth Form (Years 12 & 13) St Albans senior Cadets assist with the training.



The activity is an ongoing activity every Friday for 2 hours after school during term time. The more experienced pupils from Marlborough will also attend CCF camps during the Holidays.