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Science Masterclasses

Weekly Science classes take place involving Primary School children from the local area. In Science Partnership lessons they cover many points from the KS2 Science curriculum, and some extra topics. They have fun and engaging sessions, which not only get students thinking about why they do science, but teaching them how. They cover Biology, Chemistry and Physics, by making slime, looking down microscopes, building circuits, making bath bombs, investigating light, analysing the contents of food, and everyone's favourite - setting fire to the teacher's hands! Science lessons take place in the St Albans School Science Labs with a St Albans School Science teacher and Sixth Form assistants.


To develop a mutually beneficial partnership between the two schools with a particular focus on Science. Sixth Form Science students have the opportunity to develop their teaching skills and act as role models.


This project started several years ago and focuses on providing specialist Science lessons to local Primary School children.


The Head of Partnership coordinates the programme that is run by two specialist Science teachers who are timetabled for this Partnership activity every Friday afternoon.  The school provides Science Labs, Science technicians and Lab equipment as well as Sixth Form assistants.


Primary School children gain scientific skills by using equipment which it is not available for them to use in their primary schools and have the experience of working in Science Labs with a specialist teacher. The Sixth Formers complete a feedback form about their experience at the end of each year that we use to assess the benefits of the program. We also ask for regular feedback from the Primary Schools who are involved in the program. 

Pupil Involvement

Every Friday afternoon the Partnership Primary School attends Science sessions. It involves Year 5 or 6 children  ( up to 34 children - split into two groups). A St Albans School Science teacher and a group of Sixth Form Science students lead the sessions.


Ongoing project, every Friday afternoon during term time.