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Art Partnerships

Each Friday afternoon a specialist Art teacher and a group of Sixth Form Art Students run art sessions with local Primary schools involving children of various ages and abilities. In the past, this has involved a clay sculpture project with one school and in other schools following topics and themes including Neolithic art, Food, Wellbeing, and most recently Norse art. They work with a full classes or small groups.


The aim is to develop a mutually beneficial partnership between the two schools with a particular focus on specialist art lessons. Sixth Form Art students have the opportunity to develop their teaching skills and act as role models.


This project started several years ago and is especially appreciated by the schools that do not have their own specialist art teachers, departments and studios. 


The Head of Partnership coordinates the programme that is run by a specialist Art teacher who is timetabled for this Partnership activity every Friday afternoon. The school provides transport (minibus or taxi) for the art group to get to their Friday placement or art studios and materials if the Primary School prefers to come to our school.


The Sixth Formers complete a feedback form about their experience at the end of each year that we use to assess the benefits of the programme. We also ask for regular feedback from the Primary Schools who are involved in the program and adapt the sessions according to this feedback.

Pupil Involvement

Every Friday afternoon the Art group visits a Partnership Primary school where they work with a full class or small groups depending on the school’s requirements. A St Albans School Art teacher and a group of Sixth Form Art students lead the sessions.


Ongoing project, every Friday afternoon during term time. The Art group works with a different school each half term during the school year.