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St Albans School staff member Governor at Crabtree Infants' School

One of our teachers (Mark), is on the Board of Directors for the Crabtree Academy Trust (Crabtree Junior and Crabtree Infant) in Harpenden and sits on the Governing body of the Infants’ School. He is on the Curriculum Committee and is the Link Governor for English.


Mark uses his experience of teaching for many years within secondary schools, to provide guidance and support to Crabtree Infants’ School to help them deliver an effective curriculum. 


Mark got in touch with Crabtree which is local to his home to offer his services.



St Albans School allows Mark leave of absence in order to allow him to fulfil his role as a Governor.


The Education Committee and the Infants LGB meet five times a year and the Academy Board meets once a term. There are two cluster training days, delivered at the school, per year.