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Design and Technology Masterclasses

Local Primary School children come for weekly sessions to our Design & Technology Dept. The Department runs sessions on Friday afternoons with a specialist teacher and help from Sixth Form D&T students. The D&T lessons take place in our workshops at St Albans School. These sessions are geared towards pupils in Years 5 and 6 and there are several possible projects for the class teacher to choose from which can be adapted to their KS2 curriculum. Past projects have included wooden automatons, bridge building and construction skills and electronic games.


To develop a mutually beneficial partnership between the two schools with a particular focus on D&T. Sixth Form D&T students have the opportunity to develop their teaching skills and act as role models. Primary School children have the opportunity to experience a specialist D& T teacher, equipment, workshop and resources.


This project started several years ago and focuses on introducing new elements of Design & Technology to Primary aged children.


The Head of Partnership coordinates the programme that is run by a specialist Design & Technology teacher who is timetabled for this Partnership activity every Friday afternoon. The school provides a D&T Workshop, technician and materials as well as Sixth Form assistants.


Primary School children have the experience of working in a D&T workshop with a specialist teacher. The Sixth Formers complete a feedback form about their experience at the end of each year that we use to assess the benefits of the program. We also ask for regular feedback from the Primary Schools who are involved in the program. 

Pupil Involvement

Every Friday afternoon the Partnership Primary school attends D&T sessions. It involves Year 5 or 6 children (either as a full or half class activity). A St Albans School D&T teacher and a group of Sixth Form  students lead the sessions.


Ongoing project, every Friday afternoon during term time.