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St Albans School and Redbourn School Partnership

Teaching staff along with Lower Sixth (Year 12) helpers travel to Redbourn School to provide master classes for their school pupils. Classes are offered in Music, Drama, STEM, Art, French and Maths. A timetable is established at the start of each academic year with the teachers from St Albans visiting for a term of half a term to run classes at Redbourn.



The aim of the project is to help provide specialist teaching to children in state schools in the St Albans and surrounding community.

Provision of time in the timetables of the St Albans School teaching staff is required to run the programme.

The pupils at Redbourn School get the chance to get involved in activities run by specialist teachers. The Sixth form assistants from St Albans School benefit from working out in the community and learn valuable soft-skills.


St Albans School has worked in Partnership with Redbourn School for at least 8 years.


Resources required are almost all staff and pupils time; the St Albans teaching staff and Sixth Form assistants along with coordination of the programme by the Head of Partnership. Some resources for the Art and STEM projects are also provided. Taxis are organised and funded by St Albans School for the staff and students to travel to and from Redbourn.


The Head at Redbourn School is very supportive of our Partnership scheme and is appreciative of the activities provided.

Pupil Involvement

10 students assist in the classrooms at Redbourn as volunteers on Friday afternoons throughout the academic year.


Activities take place weekly during specified terms throughout the academic year on a rotational basis