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Partnership French Lessons

A St Albans School specialist French teacher goes to several local Primary schools to work with a class or small groups. She uses target language and a variety of games and songs to teach basic topics: name, age, numbers, things in the classroom, dates, birthdays and special occasions as they arise. She works around the Primary curriculum and schools can request topics that fit into their scheme of work.


To develop a mutually beneficial partnership between the two schools with a particular focus on French. Primary School children have the opportunity to experience lessons run by specialist teachers from the French Department in their own schools. 


The French Department at St Albans School have offered this programme for several years. They are keen to share their specialist French skills with partner schools and support them in developing their own French curriculum. They are happy to tailor sessions to a school’s requirements. Our own teachers are benefitting by gaining experience in teaching in the Primary School environment.


The Head of Partnership coordinates the programme that is run by a specialist teacher in the French Department who is timetabled for this Partnership activity one afternoon a week.


We ask for regular feedback from the Primary Schools who are involved in the program. Recent feedback from one of the schools says ' Since forming a Partnership with St Albans School our Year 3 pupils have greatly benefited from weekly specialist French lessons.  They have covered a variety of topics in greater detail and have worked at an increased pace.  Pupils have thoroughly enjoyed these lessons, working with enthusiasm and confidence.  Their speaking, listening and reading skills have improved with good progress being made.'

Pupil Involvement

Lessons are generally with a full class of 30 Primary School pupils


Ongoing weekly project during term time.