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St Albans School Oxbridge Applications Workshop

The St Albans School Oxbridge Applications Workshop is aimed at Lower Sixth (Year 12) students from local schools who are applying to Oxbridge. Schools Liaison Officers from Oxford attend and give the students advice on aptitude tests, written work and especially interviews.  The representatives from Oxford give presentations on the general qualities Oxbridge is looking for in applicants and on the interview process: how interviews are run, what to expect and how to prepare.  The students participate in an interactive session, discussing sample interview questions in groups.  


The aim of the workshop is to familiarise students from a range of schools with the requirements of the Oxbridge application process and to increase their likelihood of success, helping them feel prepared so that they can tackle the admissions process with confidence.  

Pupils and staff from the following local schools are invited to attend: Beaumont, Chancellor's, Dame Alice Owen's, Samuel Ryder Academy, Hemel Hempstead, Loreto RC Girls College, The Marlborough Science Academy, Marriotts School, Nicholas Breakspear, Parmiter's, Queenswood, Richard Hale, Royal Masonic, Roundwood Park, Rudolf Steiner, Sandringham, Simon Balle, Sir John Lawes, St Albans Girls, St Albans High School for Girls, St Christopher, St Edmund's College, St Francis' College, St George's, St Helen's, St Margaret's, Stanborough, The John Henry Newman, The Princess Helena College, Townsend Church of England, Verulam, Watford Grammar Boys, Watford Grammar Girls.


This project was set up by a member of St Albans staff and has been ongoing for many years.


Organisation of the workshop by the St Albans staff and the attendance of representatives from Oxford is crucial to the success of the workshop.

The workshop makes use of St Albans School lecture theatre and classrooms.


No quantitative assessment has been carried out, but staff and pupils are appreciative of the opportunity to hear first-hand about what is required for a successful application.

Pupil Involvement

Workshop is for Lower Sixth pupils (Year 12).


Takes place annually in the Summer term.