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Sharing of virtual PSHEE lessons during lockdown

Our Head of PSHEE developed a program of virtual  weekly lessons to distribute to our own pupils during lockdown. She adapted the lessons so that they could also be used in the Primary sector and shared with our Partnership schools.


To help our partnership schools deliver relevant online PSHEE during the  lockdown period. Especially those schools with lack of subject specialists.

To provide PSHEE sessions for families which were relevant to the experiences they were going through at the time and that could be delivered at home and shared with teachers, parents, children, families and care givers. 



Our Head of PSHEE having met  many of the headteachers of local primary schools at the conference she ran the previous term knew that some primary schools were poorly resourced for PSHEE so we contacted our local primary schools (including Partnership schools) to offer further support.

Sessions were being made for our own St Albans School students and so these were adapted for the local primary schools who would usually have been coming on site for masterclasses.


The lessons were put together by our Head of PSHEE and our Head of Partnership contacted local Primary schools to offer support. The lessons were distributed weekly (including powerpoint presentations) for the duration of the March - July lockdown. 


We had contact from headteachers and some parents who were using resources with notes of thanks saying how useful the lessons had been. 

Pupil Involvement

St Albans pupils aged 11-19

Partnership pupils aged 4-11


Weekly during the March - July lockdown.