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Musical Theatre Workshops

We are running Musical Theatre workshops with local Partnership Primary schools. These are run by our Sixth Form A' Level Drama and Music students accompanied by teachers from the Drama and Music Depts. They make weekly visits to local primary schools to run musical theatre workshops which culminate in a performance for parents and younger pupils. 


Our Sixth Form A level students and teachers worked with groups of Year 4 – 6 students teaching ‘Joseph’ songs and dances with the aim of putting together a performance for parents and younger pupils at the end of term.


This is part of our Friday afternoon Partnership programme and involves Sixth Form students and our specialist teachers in Music and Drama. 

We have been offering Music and Drama Partnership opportunities for over a decade but the Musical Theatre sessions began last year and are continuing this year. 


We provide transport for our Sixth Formers and staff to visit the schools involved. 

We provide the music, scores and props for the production.


Partner Schools and parents gave very positive feedback about the workshops and final productions and commented on the positive impact it had on the children that were engaging in the activities.

They particularly commented on the positive aspects of having our Music and Drama students act as mentors and excellent role models for the younger children.

Pupil Involvement

Five Sixth Form Music and Drama students from St Albans School supported by Music and Drama teachers.

Working with classes of 30 Primary school pupils from Years 4-6


This is an ongoing weekly project working with different Partnership  primary schools each term.