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St Albans School supporting local Secondary Schools in improving UCAS outcomes, with emphasis on Oxbridge

The project aims to share knowledge and good practice with the aim of improving Oxbridge and UCAS outcomes.



The aim is to increase the number of successful UCAS applications with particular emphasis on Oxford and Cambridge.

The immediate beneficiaries are the Sixth Form students and the wider community. 


St Albans School was approached by Sandringham School. An initial approach was made by their Assistant Head to the Head of Sixth Form. The initiative commenced in September 2010.

St Albans School was approached by the Headteacher of Southgate School. An initial approach was made to the Head of Sixth Form. The initiative commenced in September 2014.

Subsequently other local Secondary Schools have requested to join the program..



The key resources are all human – time, knowledge and experience.

The Head of Sixth Form is the key point of contact. Up to a dozen staff a year have given up their time after school to help give ‘mock’ interviews to Sandringham, Southgate, Roundwood Park and Sir John Lawes applicants. This has also involved providing feedback to both students and their Heads of Sixth Form. The St Albans Head of Sixth Form has also visited schools to present to students and staff about making successful Oxbridge applications.


Anticipated outcomes are an incremental increase in the number of successful Oxbridge applications from the Partnership Schools

Mock Oxbridge interviews were conducted by St Albans School teaching staff for 14 students from Sandringham School in November and December 2015.  Of these applicants 3 successfully gained offers at Cambridge University (with one additional candidate in the pool at time of writing) and 5 were made offers to study at Oxford University.  Subjects the students plan to pursue as undergraduates include, Law, Psychology, Computer Science, Materials Science, Maths, History and Philosophy. 


Pupil Involvement

Sixth Form pupils


Support is offered on an annual basis.