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Sharing of school PPE during COVID-19

In order to support local NHS staff, Partnership Schools and Care Homes we donated protective eyewear from our Science and DT Labs.


The aims of the project were to support the NHS, local community groups and Partnership schools by providing protective eyewear to those who were unable to access these due to short supply at the beginning of Lockdown.


We were initially contacted by a local GP practice who were unable to source protective eyewear for their doctors and nurses. We then reached out to the local community and donated more supplies to the District nurses, Partnership schools, GP practices, Hospitals  and Care Homes that we have a connection with. We also answered some appeals on social media for help with supplies.


We donated approximately 300 pairs of eye protection to our local community.


We received many messages from the community groups involved, thanking us for our part in keeping their workers safe during COVID-19


This activity took place during the Spring Term