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Independent Schools' Modern Languages Association

Davian Marie is a long standing member of the Independent Schools' Modern Languages Association more recently has taken on the role of Vice Chair. As part of her role she organisee the annual conference with keynote and break-out sessions. All events are open to all language teachers, with free or subsidised places offerered to state school teachers.

As well as offering very reasonably priced INSET to staff and opportunities to put staff in touch with each other through partnerships etc., through membership revenue, they are able to financially support ventures such as inter-school events (competitions, debates, talks, workshops) and actively seek those that also benefit state sector schools.

ISMLA is a not-for-profit association run by volunteers who dedicate their time, supported by their schools


Queen's College given ISMLA a venue for their meetings for the past two years. They have also allowed Davina Marie to dedicate time on a Friday afternoon four times a year for meetings and the conference as well as other odd occasions such as when she has represented ISMLA at the Institut Français (where we sponsor their inter-school debating competition) and at the British Council (with whom we collaborate on the issue of the shortage of linguists in the UK).