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Royal Society of Biology London Branch Biology Teacher CPD Event

As part of Biology Week 2019 the Royal Society of Biology (RSB) London Branch ran an after school workshop for Science teachers and technicians to support their pedagogical content knowledge, learn about out-of-class opportunities and better understand how the RSB can support them. Our Head of Science, Dr Paul Davies, is one of the RSB London Branch Educational Officers and helped organise and run the event. 


Two workshops provided attendees with hands-on learning experiences. The first was focused on practical work and biotechnology. The second looked at socioscientific issues through novel approaches that encourage students to explore the relationship between science and society.


Dr Paul Davies helped organise and run the event. 32 teachers and technicians from across a range of primary and secondary state and independent schools attended the event.

Attendees were provided with teaching and learning materials produced by Paul to take away and use directly in their own schools.

The biotechnology workshop also offered attendees opportunities to borrow equipment and consumables which are costly. The College will take part in the loan scheme, by freely providing schools with equipment, lesson materials and training. 


Paul has helped coordinate this scheme which will allow schools opportunities for teaching and learning about frontier science that are often unavailable to them.