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IMAG (Interested, Motivated & Able, Guildford)

The Guildford 11-19 Partnership is a group of Guildford based institutions who cooperate for the benefit of all our pupils. It includes Christ’s College, George Abbot School, Guildford County School, Howard of Effingham, Kings College, St Peter’s, Wey Valley College, The Royal Grammar School, Guildford College and the University of Surrey.

The Guildford 11-19 Partnership IMAG programme seeks to provide more opportunities for interested, motivated and able pupils in the Guildford area to take the initiative and engage with programmes and events to enhance their education.


To provide extracurricular enrichment in academic and non-academic areas

To provide equal access and equal opportunity to students from all schools.

To be free for students.

To share provision and costs

To directly engage with pupils (and their families)


The G11-19 Partnership has existed for several years. It primarily was formed to ensure that pupils at risk of dropping out of the mainstream education system could be catered for by city-wide inclusion projects involving the PRU and Guildford College as well as other institutions. More recently Surrey University and RGS Guildford (the only independent school in the group) have been involved as the remit has widened to other areas such as widening participation at university, WEX, T&L, Exams, and pupil opportunities.

The IMAG project was born following inspiration from the York ISSP programmes for pupils.



A lead teacher at each school.

A commitment to host at least one event per year at each school.

Neutral IMAG branding.

A central website with programme information and booking system.

A central administrator currently provided by RGS.


Feedback gathered after each event.

Pupil Involvement

Y7-Y13 opportunities

Equal pupils from each school



At least one event or course per half-term.

Rolling project