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Welldon Park Bookworm Club

John Lyon students are working with keen young readers from Welldon Park Academy to give them the opportunity to read a wide range of books and explore them as a group.


Welldon Park are keen to foster a love of reading in their pupils and to give them the opportunity to work together as a group to discuss texts. It is anticipated that the Bookworm Club will encourage this and that the enthusiasm of the children for readign will spread to others in the school.


The needs of Welldon Park Academy pupils were highlighted to John Lyon by a mutual contact. John Lyon students have been working at Welldon Park since September 2019.


John Lyon students have access to sets of books owned by the English department which can be taken to Welldon Park and loaned to their pupils. Two students visit each Friday afternoon.


It is anticipated that John Lyon will work with Welldon Park to quantify the benefits of this acitivty. This is something to develop as the partnership goes forward.

Pupil Involvement

Key Stage 2 pupils from Welldon Park join John Lyon students after school on a Friday afternoon.


The Club runs each Friday and it is anticipated that this will be an ongoing enterprise.