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Primary School Maths Mentoring

John Lyon students work with pupils from Norbury School to mentor them and support the development of their Maths skills.


This is an ongoing commitment as part of the John Lyon Community Service programme. Our Senior boys work alongside pupils from Norbury School who have an aptitude for Maths. John Lyon pupils develop and refine their mentoring skills as they enable Norbury pupils to make accelerated progress.


This is an element of the partneship links that have been developed between Norbury and John Lyon School. This has been running since September 2016.


Sixth formers visit Norbury School weekly to work with the pupils there.


Norbury School are pleased with the impact that this initiative is having on their pupils.

Pupil Involvement

John Lyon Sixth Form students work with pupils from Years 5 and 6.


This is an ongoing programme that was started in September 2016 and it is anticipated to coninute for the foreseeable future.