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Music Junction

Music Junction is an initiative from the London Chamber Orchestra that introduces children from less advantaged backgrounds to playing a musical instrument. Starting with Flashmob events the children receive tuition from the LCO and are mentored by experienced musicians from John Lyon. This culminates in a concert at which a piece commissioned from this year's Musician in Residence will be performed.


Music Junction is a scheme that brings young people from very different social and economic backgrounds together aiming to promote confidence, nurture self esteem and encourage participants to develop empathy and respect for themselves and others within the wider community through music making.


The John Lyon School and John Lyon's Charity are part of the Harrow Foundation. John Lyon's Charity is funding Music Junction in Harrow and suggested that the School along with Harrow Music Services should partner in supporting this initiative. The project started in Harrow in September 2018.


Engagement from local schools in key to the project and a close working relationship between all partners. The School will provide use of its facilities for the Flashmob and instrumental sessions. The Director of Music and his department are closely involved in this, supported by the Strategic Operations Officer. A team of gifted musicians has been identified as mentors. The loan of musical instruments will be arranged as required. Initially for three yearly sessions, it is hoped to continue the project further.


In addition to the acquisition of some musical skills, the wider benefits are anticipated to be associated with a growth in confidence and self esteem for all participants.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils from Kenmore Park and Cedars Manor Primary Schools and students from the Red Balloon Learner Centre will join John Lyon pupils with the John Lyon pupils acting as mentors to the inexperienced musicians. The mentors will range in age from 12 to 18 and will support children aged 7 to 18.


This is a year long project that will be repeated for three years. It is hoped that a similar project will continue to run beyond this date.