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Author, Tom Palmer visit to John Lyon School

As part of our regular, rolling calendar of author visits, we invited Tom Palmer into John Lyon and invited many local Schools to attend this fascinating and fast-paced presentation from Mr Palmer that included a Q&A. Mr Palmer is best known for his series of fictional books about football. 


To share our facilities and access to an enlightening and interesting speaker with neighbouring Schools.


The use of the John Lyon School buildings as well as the time and expertise of John Lyon staff and their counterparts. With special thanks to the John Lyon School Librarian for organising the session.


The talk from Mr Palmer was lively and entertaining, pupils were given a greater insight into how to develop storylines and plot. As part of the talk students were invited to take part in a penalty shootout live on stage- a very impactful afternoon!

Pupil Involvement

Pupils from Year 7 and Year 8


Author visits to John Lyon are a regular occurrence throughout the year.