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Harrow Woodlands Forest School

Harrow Woodlands Forest School works with children and young people in a safe but challenging outdoor setting, encouraging them to respect and care for each other and take responsibility for their local environment. John Lyon students are working with the school to facilitate these activities.


One of the programmes is where the Woodland Adventure team work with children with profound difficulties and challenging behaviour. The benefits for all children working in a natural setting are measured with positive impact. 


John Lyon students volunteer as part of the Co-Curricular Programme within the School. The School became aware of the work of the Woodlands School through the work of John Lyon's Charity who are members with Jonh Lyon School of John Lyon's Foundation.

The partnership started in September 2019.


John Lyon students travel to the Woodlands Forest School and work with the children there.


Research by the Woodlands Forest School finds that these activities have a positive impact on the participants.

Pupil Involvement

Sixth Form students from John Lyon School are working with key stage 2 children from local schools.


The work takes place every Friday afternoon and it is hoped that this will be an ongoing partnership.