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Bookworm Club at Welldon Park Academy

John Lyon School students lead a book club activity for keen readers to share their love of books.


To highlight the value of reading and to raise the importance of literacy within the school. To give keen readers an opportunity to explore a range of books and articulate their understanding of them.


A new partnership established in September 2019 following changes in leadership at Welldon Park that led to the possibilty of developing initiatives between John Lyon students and Welldon Park pupils.


The activity is led by the students with teacher supervision. The students can access books from John Lyon to share with the Welldon Park pupils to expand the range of texts available to them. This will run weekly through the Autumn and Spring terms.


Outcomes of the activity for John Lyon students and Welldon Park pupils will be assessed in March 2020.

Pupil Involvement

Two Sixth former students from John Lyon work with a group of eight key stage 2 pupils.


This is a weekly activity that lasts for one hour.