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STEM and Medical Careers Evening

A project to share dedicated Careers Resources with neighbouring maintained schools.


The John Lyon School collaborate annually to invite our neighbouring maintained Schools to our general 'Careers Evening' and the dedicated 'STEM and Medical Careers Evening' that are held late in the Autumn Term and early in the Spring terms every year. The aim is to share skills, expertise and resources.



The evenings are held in the John Lyon School New Memorial Dining Hall and are run by the Sixth Form Careers team.

Pupil Involvement

The STEM and Medical Careers Evening was visited by a pupil from Hatch End High School, 30 students from St Dominic's Sixth Form College and 15 from William Perkin C of E High School.  

The general careers evening was attended by pupils from Whitmore High School and Hatch End High School. 

Around 12 students from Whitmore attended the medical interview workshop 

5 Whitmore students came for mock medical interviews





We extend an invitation to our neighbours annually and will continue to do so.